Thursday, 03 August 2017 00:00

Nomadic Naadam promotes traditional culture

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Nomadic Culture Festival, an event displaying Mongolian national pride, deel and nomads’ way of life in complex, took place near Ulaagchnii Khar Nuur in Zavkhan aimag in the Western part of Mongolia on July 23-25.

Main significance of the festival was the setting up of camps for traditional five herd animals in every mountain pass and organization of a number of fun activities to promote traditional Mongolian customs to guests and tourists.

Only horses, camels, cattle carts and carts were available for inter-camp transport for the guests of this unique event. In the CATTLE CAMP, yak bucking, lasso and bola throwing contests, as well as other activities including cattle caravans and carriage ride were held, displaying the techniques of making traditional dairy products. In the SMALL LIVESTOCK CAMP, sheep and goat milking, as well as sheep shearing contests were held, demonstrating traditional method of felt processing. The HORSE CAMP was filled with laughter and joy as several competitions were taking place, such as lasso and bola throwing, horse training and racing. As for the CAMEL CAMP, camel race, training and milking competitions were held. Such as this, the festival granted a chance for the visitors to get acquainted with the nomadic culture of Mongolia.


News and Video source: Montsame agency.