Sunday, 28 May 2017 00:00

Mongolia to assemble new Antonov An-2

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An-2 next to MIAT Mongolian Airlines hangar where it will be assembled An-2 next to MIAT Mongolian Airlines hangar where it will be assembled Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia

Antonov An-2’s heavily updated modification, the heir of the most widely recognized aicraft in Mongolian civil aviation history – Antonov AN-2 had landed in Chinggis Khaan International Airport for demonstration and testing purposes.

Mongolia is currently negotiating with Russian SibNIA R&D center for the assembly license for updated An-2 in order to use it for agriculture, mining, medical delivery and evacuation and emergency purposes. According to the center's marketing manager, Kirill Aleksandrov, the main advantage of using the overhauled aircraft will be substantially increased fuel efficiency thanks to new engine that uses TS-1 type jet fuel. Another important advantage is that Mongolia already has sufficient number of pilots and technicians to operate and maintain Antonov An-2. With about 60 aircraft of this type, Mongolia has one of the largest An-2 fleet in the world, although most of them are grounded for economic reasons. An-2 is considered to have one of the durable airframes with 72 thousand flight hour resource. 

The updated An-2 with designated code - TVS-2MS has U.S.-made Honeywell TPE-331-12 engine, five bladed rotors by Hartzell Propeller Inc that produces more fuel efficiency (by about 2/3 compared to its original version) and less noise and vibration. The new aircraft has also updated avionics as well as new cockpit that allows to monitor all controls through monitors. Thanks to new engine, the aircraft cruising speed is increased from 180 to 210 km/h. For passenger’s comfort, the new AN-2 has better noise and heat insulation, improved ventilation and lighting as well as installed reclining individual passenger seats. The aircraft assemble will be based on MIAT Mongolian Airlines resources.

The ability to use unpaved runways and even unprepared ground made it predecessor's - the original Antonov An-2, a workhorse of Mongolia’s civil aviation for 50 years and it was used extensively in all areas from daily passenger and cargo transportation to emergency and agriculture.