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2016 Mongolia’s aviation statistics

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The Ministry of Road and Transportation released a preliminary report for 2016 aviation statistics. The report indicates that the national air carrier – MIAT Mongolian Airlines performed the half of the international flights in Mongolia followed by Air China (21%) and Korean Air (12%).

2016 International Flights Market Share (Source: MRT)

The total number of passengers flown in 2016 reached one million, with the vast majority of passengers flown in international routes (787,797 international vs 220,552 domestic passengers). As of November, 2016, the total number of passengers had increased by 8.3% compared to the same period of 2015. The income of aviation sector increased by about 10% reaching 26.3 billion tugriks. 

2016 Passenger Volume (Source: MRT)

Domestic market share is led by Aeromongolia (38%) and followed by Khunnu Air (35%) and MIAT Mongolian Airlines (26%). Domestic charter flights are still very insignificant with only 1% of market share.

2016 Domestic Flights Market Share (Source: MRT)

For air cargo, 7,920 tonns of goods had been transported for 2016.
According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia (MCAA) number of over-flight passages through Mongolian airspace in 2016 reached 99,573 flights, with most of these flights were performed by Chinese air carriers originating or ending in Chinese cities.