Friday, 15 April 2016 00:00

MIAT and Aeromongolia To Launch Shared Domestic Flight

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Ulaanbaatar Khovd Ulgii Ulaangom flight by MIAT Mongolian Airlines and AeroMongoliaMongolian national air carrier - MIAT Mongolian Airlines and the smaller domestic AeroMongolia, starting April 16, 2016, are launching shared flights to western provinces of Mongolia.

Travelers planning to fly to Bayan-Ulgii, Ulaangom towns are now able to fly to Khovd town by Boeing 737 jet of MIAT Mongolian Airlines and proceed to their final destinations by Fokker-50 turboprops of AeroMongolia.

Previously these routes were operated solely by turboprops which extended travel time up to 3 hours one way. Now with Boeing 737 passengers are able to reach Khovd town in 30 minutes.

Airlines also believe that such flight combination will help air travelers to save up to 40% on their travels to these destinations. Travelers can also carry luggage of up to 30 kg.