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Coal Mongolia 2015 to be held in April

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Coal Mongolia 2015Coal Mongolia 2015 is international conference & exhibition to bring international investors into the coal sector of Mongolia; to introduce the most advanced, environmentally friendly technologies in coal mining sector; to create a mutually beneficial partnership that will strengthen Mongolia’s competitiveness in Asia.

This year's International Coal Investors Conference and Exhibition “COAL MONGOLIA-2015” will be held for the fifth time on April 2015. The Conference is focused on learning about how new government legislation can bring a positive opportunities for your business and identify the promising areas of growth for coal sector in Mongolia. According to financial ministry, coal expert will be 20 million ton next year. In the estimation, coal extent depends on economical circumstance, researches and market calculation. And coal price is different cause coal sort that estimated coal price is 70$ a ton.

“Guildford coal”, “Mongolian energy corporation“ started newly coal expert. Particularly, “Guildford coal” is started test export from west Noyon-Uul deposit and “Mongolian energy Corporation” will export products and to test a coal sluice industry.

Conference organizers invite you again to participate in the conference and we hope that the conference theme will be the source of knowledge and inspiration in your further activities.

Mongolia exported 19.4 million tons of coal in 2014

Coal exports of Mongolia reached 19.4 million tons by the end of 2014 - about six percent increase from the last year, reports the National Statistics Office. For 2015, 15 million tons is projected to be delivered. About 60% of the total coal exports come from "Tavan Tolgoi" deposits.

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