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Morin Khuur Tower will be built

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Morin_khuur_towerMany world cities have their own symbol buildings. Just like Paris has Eiffel Tower, New York has Liberty Statue, Singapore has Marina Bay Sands and Moscow has Red Square, Mongolia has idea to create one of own.

A building which shape is inspired by a traditional musical instrument of Mongols –morin khuur (which can be literally translated as horse fiddle) will be probably built in Ulaanbaatar. The idea to make Morin Khuur (pronounced as morin hur) Tower was introduced by a Mongolian designer and artist D.Erdenebileg in 2011. He hopes that the tower will contribute to the image of Mongolia abroad and will serve as the symbol of Mongolian capital city.

The tower that will be located nearby the Central Stadium will stand 309 m tall and will be three times higher than Liberty statue and slightly taller than Eiffel Tower. Top three floors will be occupied by Ceremony Hall, Museum of Statehood, Libraries of Great Khaans and of President, World Museum, Museum of Arts, Genetics Center of Mongols, Museum of Mongolian Ger (yurt), Palace of Mongolian Ballads and Traditional Musical Instrument and New Wedding Palace.


The construction of the tower will commence in spring 2014 and investment of USD 300 million is expected to complete it in 2017.

The morin khuur musical instrument is a cultural heritage of Mongolia registered at UNESCO.
































Yadamsuren U. - Ovgon khuurch (Old man with morin khuur). 1958. Gouache painting.