Monday, 14 October 2013 10:27

Hong Kong - Ulaanbaatar flight frequency to increase

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hong_kong_ulaanbaatar_flight_agreement_amendmentThe State Secretary of the Ministry of Road and Transport of Mongolia, Batzaya B., met with the Secretary for Transport and Housing of Hong Kong SAR, PRC, Candy Nip to discuss the Air Service Agreement (ASA) between Mongolia and Hong Kong.

During the meeting in October 10-11, 2013 in Hong Kong, delegations from both sides agreed to make certain amendments in the ASA’s annex regarding the “route schedule”. The civil aviation authorities of Mongolia and HK agreed that Hong Kong is the flight destination for an air carrier designated by Mongolian side and that medium and long haul destinations are the routes located outside of PRC and Taiwan. In return, two sides agreed that Mongolia is the flight destination for an air carrier designated by Hong Kong side. Medium and long haul destinations for an air carrier designated by Hong Kong side remained open until further decision.

Two sides also agreed to increase the flight frequency from 8 to 11. The ASA allows air carriers to enter into code-share agreements with another air carrier designated by Mongolia or HK as well as with third parties.  According to officials, code-shared flights will help to not only increase the flight frequency but also to increase the load factor and carry passengers from third countries. This means that, for example, the Mongolian national air carrier – MIAT Mongolian Airlines can have code-share agreements with air carriers from India, Singapore, Australia and other countries to carry their passengers to Mongolia via Hong Kong.