Thursday, 05 September 2013 15:21

Ulaanbaatar taxi fares will rise NOT

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ulaanbaatar_taxi_fareThe head of the Mongolian Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection (AFCCP), Magnai O., previously announced that his authority and the Urban Transport Center of Ulaanbaatar City and taxi companies had signed a trilateral agreement to improve the taxi standards as well as their fares to match such an improvement.

The agreement also stated that the taxi will charge MNT 1,500 for first kilometer and MNT 1,000 for each following kilometer. Taxis will also charge MNT 1,000 for call service arrangement and MNT 100 for each idle minute. It is also said that drivers with private cars who provide taxi services will be outlawed, although it was unclear how the authorities would combat this issue.

The move was received very skeptically by the wider public who used to pay around MNT 700-800 for each kilometer at the time the agreement was signed. Moreover, the public doubted that the safety and standards would be improved in reality, considering the failed measures in the past.

Just few days after the announcement of taxi fare increase, Magnai O., officially made a public apology on September 3rd, 2013 and assured that the taxi fares will not be increased.


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